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Stonex Instruments have been the sole New Zealand agent of Kowa Optical Products for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on stocking a range of Kowa's high quality sports optics including binoculars and spotting scopes, and working closely with our team of authorised retailers to supply Kowa products to the New Zealand market. 

Kowa's range of award winning optics has something for everyone, from bird watchers to hunters, astronomers, nature enthusiasts and general observers, at a variety of price points. 

You can find out more about each range below, or visit the brand website for more details.  

Kowa Binoculars

Kowa Genesis binoculars 

Kowa’s flagship binocular range symbolises the very best of the best. Built with Kowa’s patented Prominar XD extra low dispersion lenses, this high end binocular range includes models with 44mm and 33mm lenses, and magnifications from 8x-10.5x. 

Especially designed to reduce chromatic aberration and provide a wide, high contrast field of view, Genesis binoculars have Bak4, phase coated lenses, utilise Kowa’s proprietary c3 coatings and are waterproof. 

Kowa BD Binoculars

Kowa BD binoculars are designed to offer exceptional optical performance in a compact, lightweight body. Ideal for outdoor observations, Kowa BD binoculars will surpass the expectations of beginners and expert users alike. 

With a range of models in 56mm, 42mm, 32mm and 25mm lenses and 8x, 10x and 12 magnifications, all have multicoated lenses, are waterproof and have an ergonomic body. All models excluding the BD25 series are built with Kowa’s patented XD lenses which produce bright, high contrast images. 

Kowa SV binoculars

The Kowa SV range of binoculars is designed to be cost effective whilst ensuring superior optical performance. Great for a range of outdoor activities, the SV range includes models with 50mm, 42mm, 32mm and 25mm lenses in magnifications from 8x to 12x. 

A lightweight, easy to hold body allows for hours of comfortable use. Fully multicoated and phase coated lenses produce bright, crisp images and waterproofing allows them to withstand the rigours of the outdoors. 


The Kowa YF range of binoculars is designed to be easy to use, light weight and cost effective. Ideal for first time users, these binoculars have 30mm lenses that offer a great compromise between full sized and compact binoculars. 

Kowa YF binoculars are available in 6x to 8x magnifications and have fully multicoated lenses for bright crisp images. A small minimum inter pupillary distance makes YF binoculars a great option for kids.


Kowa Highlander binoculars are the ultimate large binoculars on the market. Extra large 82mm lenses, and a fantastic 32x magnification give the images produced by these binoculars exceptional brightness, ideal for astronomy of wildlife observations. 

Kowa offer two High Lander models to suit varying budgets, one with their flagship Prominar fluorite crystal lenses, and another more affordable model with normal lenses. Both models are waterproof, have fully multicoated lenses and have wide angle eyepieces. 

KOWA landscope coin operated sightseeing BINOCULARS

Available on a custom order basis, Kowa's Landscope coin operated binoculars are a fantastic addition to any viewing platform in New Zealand.

Large 80mm lenses and a powerful 20x magnification produce bright, close up images, and a rugged construction means they'll withstand all climates. 

Kowa Spotting Scopes

Kowa Prominar TSn-880 spotting scopes

Available in an angled and a straight model, the Prominar TSN-880 series of spotting scopes are Kowa’s flagship scope offering. These supreme models have a 88mm lens and offer a simple user experience whilst producing the highest end, exceptional quality images thanks to the inclusion of Fluorite Crystal lenses. 

A magnesium alloy body makes these spotting scopes lightweight and easy to transport, and a waterproof housing allows use in all environments. 


The Kowa Prominar TSN-770 series of spotting scopes are built with many of the same high end features as the TSN-880 series, however the inclusion of Kowa’s XD lenses rather than those made of fluorite crystal, makes them more affordable, whilst their performance nearly matches that of their flagship model. 

Available in straight and angled options, with a 77mm lens, these high quality spotting scopes have a lightweight magnesium alloy body, and are waterproof, allowing them to produce outstanding images in all weather conditions. 

KOWA TSN-82SV Spotting scopes

Designed to offer quality optics, and a large, bright 82mm lens for exceptional light gathering ability, the TSN-82 is a fantastic spotting scope option for users who want Japanese made optics at affordable prices.

The TSN-82SV has an angled eyepiece for comfortable viewing whether users are observing birds and wildlife, taking in a view or hunting. Built with fully multicoated optics, waterproof and nitrogen filled, these spotters are excellent whatever the weather.

KOWA TSN-660M spotting scopes

Built with Kowa's high quality 66mm XD lenses, TSN-660 spotting scopes come in angled and straight models, all with an compact and lightweight design. 

Waterproof and suitable for use in all weathers, the high end features incorporated in this spotting scope model will satisfy the needs of enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

Both models have fully multicoated lenses for high optical performance. 

KOWA TSN-600 spotting scopes

Kowa TSN-600 spotting scopes are designed for easy, lightweight transportation and to perform exceptionally in the field thanks to a Japanese quality 60mm lens. Both angled and straight options are available to suit user preference. 

Designed with many of the same features as the higher end TSN-660M range, these spotting scopes are ideal for those who have a smaller budget and wish to opt for normal glass lenses rather than XD lenses.